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The LAMP stack is a well known compilation of open source development and runtime applications used to run web applications.  Its ingredients are Linux, Apache, MySQL and one of the scripting languages PHP, Perl or Python. The first letter of each of these product names creates the acronym LAMP.


…for free!

Finally we decided today to provide a big part of our Plex-XML framework to the community for free. While using this along with your existing CA Plex license you will be able to build Plex web applications without additional costs or run time license fees.

What is included?

You will get…

  • all necessary Plex models you need to build a web application with Plex and Plex-XML
  • our Securtiy-Model for inheritance with user, group, role, function and multi tenant management
  • all JAR files, XSLTs and most of the JavaScripts that you need to build an application


Increasingly our customers are asking us for a quick and easy way to export the data they select and see in our web applications into a format they can use with their locally installed desktop applications.


The ready to use version of our Plex-XML-Tutorial has been updated to the latest Plex-XML pattern.



Auch in diesem Jahr gab es auf der next conference in Hamburg umfangreiche Updates darüber, was im Web aktuell so angesagt ist und was uns (vielleicht) in naher Zukunft im Web erwarten wird.

Die Highlights aus der Sicht des Software-Entwicklers waren für mich ganz klar die Strategie von Google im mobilen Markt, die von Amazon angebotenen Services im Bereich IT-Infrastruktur und die Designtipps für Webapplikationen von 37signals. Und, last but not least, die Anregungen zum Enterprise 2.0 als gelebte Organisationsform für Unternehmen.