No, it’s not an April fool!
Author: Joerg

April 1, 2009

…for free!

Finally we decided today to provide a big part of our Plex-XML framework to the community for free. While using this along with your existing CA Plex license you will be able to build Plex web applications without additional costs or run time license fees.

What is included?

You will get…

  • all necessary Plex models you need to build a web application with Plex and Plex-XML
  • our Securtiy-Model for inheritance with user, group, role, function and multi tenant management
  • all JAR files, XSLTs and most of the JavaScripts that you need to build an application


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window open()
Author: Guenter

April 14, 2008

Posted in all about...

Beside all those windows on my desktop some nice guys have built some real windows into our office building. Did you ever asked yourself what all those Internet peers you might only knew by their user name or their e-mail address might see if they are opening a real world window in their office?

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3rd CA Plex/2E Users Event
Author: Joerg

August 24, 2007

Posted in Ajax,all about...,Plex

In September (17.-21.) Bodo, Günter and Jörg are out for the 3rd Annual Worldwide CA Plex/2E Users Event in Cincinnati, Ohio. (more…)

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Cognos Enterprise Reporting
Author: Guenter

August 23, 2007

Posted in all about...,Cognos

It’s already two years ago from now that we first had the chance to gather first experiences with Cognos

We love that reporting engine because of its (more…)

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New site…
Author: admin

August 20, 2007

Posted in all about...

Our new website went online today. (more…)

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