Plex-XML Tutorial
Author: Joerg

June 6, 2008

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The ready to use version of our Plex-XML-Tutorial has been updated to the latest Plex-XML pattern.


Some of the new features are:

  • Full text search (free customizable with Plex-XML-Formats)
  • User defined shortcuts and start request
  • ExtJS integration
  • Border Layout
  • Secured fields against web parameter tampering using a hash code
  • Key field protection within “Formats”

While the tutorial should get you up and running as quick as possible with your first Plex-XML application it isn’t a high sophisticated application. It’s intention is to get you around the first hurdles of Plex, Eclipse, Tomcat and database configuration and interaction.
All things you can see in that application (plus the hidden security part) are part of the Plex-XML pattern. Beneath the definition of the two entities there hasn’t been any additional programming. So an experienced Plex programmer should be able to get exact that application up and running within 15 minutes!

Online version:
Documention in our WIKI:…

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