How do we spell LAMP?
Author: Guenter

July 21, 2009

The LAMP stack is a well known compilation of open source development and runtime applications used to run web applications.  Its ingredients are Linux, Apache, MySQL and one of the scripting languages PHP, Perl or Python. The first letter of each of these product names creates the acronym LAMP.


As we do like the idea of open source software and do love to work with Plex (which is not OSS) we have replaced PHP with Plex and deployed the result on a hosted server for you. Our enhanced tutorial application is now up and running on a Linux box using an Apache web server and a MySQL database. You can find the tutorial application at

Beside such an open source Linux runtime environment we have successfully deployed Plex-XML applications on Windows and on IBM System i (AS/400). Frequently used database systems are DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

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