Plex-XML is a cutting edge AJAX web framework for CA Plex.

While using CA Plex and Plex-XML you can develop most flexible web clients that are working together with easy to build most reliable server functions.

There are 4 different parts of Plex-XML:

  • a complete CA Plex pattern library with integrated XML generation, security, flexible SQL, easy client customization and all the things you need for an out-of-the-box Plex based web application
  • a Java part with configuration files and control servlet for the communication between web client and Plex server functions
  • many predefined XSL transformations for out-of-the-box, well designed, flexible and easy adjustable HTML web clients
  • an integrated JavaScript framework for rich HTML web clients with Ajax, trees, menus, tab dialogs, grids, master detail screens, windows etc. based on open source libraries like prototype and

Plex-XML is for us a part of today’s Zeitgeist in software development.

See our Plex-XML Wiki for a more detailed description.